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Computer Technician Careerpath….A computer technician is the technical person that you contact whenever you need help fixing a hardware or software problem in your computer or any computer related equipment. The definition of a computer repair technician by Wikipedia. As computer technology evolves daily and is used everywhere we look, the need for computer technicians is in high demand.

If you love tinkering with computers and all sorts of techie gadgets. Also enjoy the troubleshooting process, resolving computer issues and finds fulfillment in helping people in the process, then a career as a computer technician is something to really consider and worth pursuing.

Computertechnician1 As a computer technician, you are responsible for the installation and maintenance of computer hardware and software. It involves everything from installing, troubleshooting and supporting the software applications that run on the computer, to the hardware that the software is installed on and the operating system as well.

By doing this, you’re not just fixing a computer, your helping someone become more efficient and effective in their jobs or helping make a casual computer user communicate with the rest of the world. As a computer technician you are not limited to PC’s, you may be also responsible in the set up and connectivity to the internet or a network of computers, printers, servers, and other peripheral equipment via a LAN/WAN (Local Area Network/Wide Area Network), wired or wireless.

Given that a computer technician plays a crucial role in the day to day management of an organization, expect to work in shifts and rush to various technical calls placed by clients and colleagues.

A computer technician may be more familiar to you as possessing the formal designation of Desktop Support Technician, IT Technician, Help Desk Technician, Technical Analyst, Systems Administrator, or Network Administrator.

Required Education and Training to be a Computer Technician – Being a part of the computer technician workforce is not that hard if you really have a deep passion in understanding how computers work. Unlike some other technical jobs, you can become a computer technician with a 2-year college program or as quick as a 6 month condensed crash course at a local technical institute that focuses on Computer Technician Certifications ex.

MCITP – Microsoft Certified IT Professional, MCTS – Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist or your CompTIA A+ – Computer Technology Industry Association certification. Make sure though to get as much hands-on training with computers while you are still studying. The best place to start your training would be at home, ex. working on your personal computer, disassembling and building a computer from ground up ex. Motherboard, CPU, RAM, Video & Sound Card. Then when you are more familiar with the components and more confident move on to fixing friends and family’s personal computers.

The key ingredient to fast track your career and enjoy a good salary later on would be build your experience and skills and acquire some of the above certifications mentioned earlier. A professional certification simply informs your prospective employers that you have the computer skills that they seek in order to perform the job.

It is ideal for an entry level computer technician to pass the CompTIA A+ Certification offered by the Computing Technology Industry Association. It is a written endorsement that you have a basic knowledge with regards to computer installation, configuration, and networking.

The MCITP and MCTS certifications specialize in Microsoft products which most companies use, helping solidify your knowledge regarding not just computer hardware but the Microsoft suite and operating systems. A significant number of employers are setting this certification as a minimum requirement in the hiring process.

Estimated Salary for a Computer Technician – Based on the 2013 national salary data of, the expected annual salary of a computer technician range between $24,683-$57,064 in the United States.

The hourly rate vary depending on where the work is located, the level of experience, and the technical certifications that a computer technician attained. It was tallied that a computer technician with an MCTS certification can bargain for an hourly rate of between $11.20 – $29.32. New York City offers the highest hourly rate overall but do take note that the cost of living in that city is very high as well compared to other states.

Computertechnician2 A computer technician is known to be smart, patient, and has good communication skills. Some are working in the corporate world while others are self-employed. With the right skills, experience, and positive attitude, you can have an equal opportunity to enjoy a lucrative and emotionally rewarding career in a highly in-demand industry.

Computer Technician Jobs

With more and more computers, gadgets and technology driven peripherals being used daily, the demand for a computer technicians is certainly on the rise. So, who exactly is a Computer Technician and what kind of job can one expect as a computer technician?

High Level description of a Computer Technician is a one who installs, configures, fixes and supports computers, laptops or any computer related equipment.

Job opportunities for a computer technician are always in demand in this digital world. With more and more companies growing and expanding, computer technician job postings on sites like,, and will always have an abundance of job postings. Recruiters are always looking to fill in these IT positions with the best candidate. Let us see some of the computer technician jobs listed online employment sites:

1. Computer Technician/Help desk:-

Location: Costa Mesa

Industry: Construction

Job Description: A computer Technician who can handle phone calls, personal requests and e-mails for technical support. The technician must be able to visualize the relationship of Software, Servers, Hardware and Networking components

Education: Any completed college course work

Experience: 2 to 5 years

Salary: $34,000-$38,000 per year

2. PC Technician:-

Location: Victoria, Texas

Industry: Banking

Job Description: The Computer Technician must install computer hardware and software components and must regulate Local and Wide Area Networks. The Technician is also responsible for the reliability and availability of Account platform systems and teller machines. The technician should also be able to work outside regular banking hours.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Salary: $37,000-$53,000 per year

3. Workstation/PC Technician:-

Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Industry: Computer or IT service

Job Description: The Candidate must implement the delivery of computers and hardware peripherals. The technician must build and configure Desktops, laptops and tablets etc., and provide technical support to all users.

Education: Associate Degree, Must be Microsoft Certified.

Experience: 2 to 5 years

Salary: $30,000 to $40,000 per year

4. VoIP Network Technician:-

Location: Ocala, Florida

Industry: Computer or IT services

Job Description: The Applicant must Install and repair all Microsoft software. He/She must provide Technical assistance to clients and governmental agencies in Florida. The Activities include Installation and upgrading software and hardware, Network Installation and Trouble-shooting, and on-site technical support.

Education: Certification, VMware Certification is preferred

Experience: 2 to 5 years

Salary: $35,000-$44,000 per year

5. PC Technician/Desk-top Support:-

Location: New York

Industry: Computer Service

Job Description: The Technician must have experience and immense knowledge in repairing desktops, laptops and workstations. The work also includes installation, configuration and maintenance of computers and networking devices.

Education: Professional level

Experience: 2 to 5 years

Salary: $18-$20 per hour of work

6. PC Technician:-

Location: Lackawanna, New York.

Industry: Non-profit Organization

Job Description: A computer technician who can support users by installing, repairing and maintaining computer software and hardware components. He/She must be effective in completing the work quickly
thereby supporting the IT users and programmers.

Education: Associate Degree

Experience: 2 to 5 years

Salary: $30,000-$32,000 per year.

7. Lead Computer Assistant:

Location: New Orleans

Company/Organization: Department of Agriculture, The United States of America

Job Description: The candidate must lead a team and provide assistance in solving the problems faced by the users.

Education: Certification

Experience: Any level of experience.

Salary: $52,000-$67,000 per year

8. Hardware Computer Technician:-

Location: Syosset, New York

Industry: IT/Software Development

Job Description: Any candidate who can test, analyze, diagnose and configure broken down parts in a Computer are encouraged to apply. The candidate must be able to build an entire machine starting from scratch. The technician must have knowledge of Windows Operating system and other Windows Software.

Education: Certification

Experience: Entry-level

Salary: Not Mentioned

9. Computer Service Technician:-

Location: Manhattan, New York.

Industry: Computer and Electronics

Job Description: A Break/Fix technician who can install and repair computers, printers, servers, LCD Televisions and monitors are encouraged to apply for this job. The applying candidates must pass criminal and drug test. The candidates must have proper transport facility so that they can attend service calls.

Experience: Entry level or any Experience

Salary: $25 to $35 per service call

10. Computer Hardware Technician:-

Location: Moline, Illinois.

Industry: IT or Software development

Job Description: The candidate must provide day to day tech support to customers. The technicians must also guide other colleagues. He/She is responsible for return of asset and inventory.

Education: Associate Degree

Experience: Entry level

Salary: Not Mentioned(but the pay is hourly)

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Computer Technician Resume

The world of computer technology is saturated with competitive individuals, whose educational and professional background makes anyone whose just starting out, think twice about getting in to this very competitive market. But there is one great tool that equalizes every potential candidate for a computer technician job: the RESUME. By drafting a winning resume, you open doors towards potential employment, career opportunities, and further professional development. This article focuses on how to create a winning computer technician resume.

computertechnician3 Defining What Employers Want – Before crafting a resume, you need to understand that perspectives of an employer when it comes to employee screening and selection. First, employers seek for equivalence. This is the match of your educational background, your training, and exposure against what employers require.

Second, employers seek for vision, and as a beginning professional, you need to exude a positive outlook about your career direction. Third, employers look for achievement. Did you hit a milestone in school that led to your recognition? Did you perhaps spend some time training for a reputable company? What about your academic merits? And fourth, employers look for skills. While employers know what they are looking for in a Computer Technician, you need to show them how your skills matter in the job.

What can you do? Do you perform work that exceeds expectations? Do you have other skills that are useful later on at work? All of these aspects are what employers are thinking when they pick the person who suits the job. And the very first thing they’ll ever have to get in touch with you is an excellent computer technician resume.

The Computer Technician Educational Requirements and Job Description – As a Computer Technician, you will assist computer users when it comes to their problems with hardware, software, and other computer devices and peripherals. You will also be responsible in the installation, maintenance, support and troubleshooting of computer problems.

In order to become a a successful Computer Technician, you need to have attended classes in a technical school or at least have earned an associate or a bachelor’s degree. Note though, that you can still choose to pursue higher education to further develop yourself professionally. Likewise, the job description of computer technicians may vary from employer to employer so you need to be flexible. When it comes to certification, the most sought-after certificates for computer technicians is the CompTIA A+ Certification as well as Microsoft’s MCITP and MCTS certifications.

The Parts of a Computer Technician Resume – Discussed in detail below are the parts of the resume as well as examples and tips for you to consider.

A. Your Contact Information

Recommended format:

– Your full name
– Your physical address
– Your phone number (mobile and/or telephone)
– You email address

Tip: Create an email address that sounds professional. A good format would be like this: A professional email address reduces the likelihood of employers developing an uncertain regard in your application.

B. The Statement of Objective

Recommended format or sample:

– To work as a Computer Technician for Company X where I can contribute my industry by employing my troubleshooting and installation skills.

Tip: When you draft your objective, be as specific and realistic as possible. Focus on the position you are looking for and how you can be an asset to the organization.

C. Your Certifications and Training

Recommended format:

– Certificate earned or name of training
– Providing company
– Date of completion
– Highlight of training

Tips: What normally follows after the objective statement is a career summary in a computer technician resume. But if you’re just starting out, the best information to follow it up with is your training and certifications. List your training in reverse chronological order starting with the most recent first.

Present the details using bullet points to keep information neat. If possible, make the number of lines in each bullet consistent. For example, if your first bullet is composed of two lines, have two lines on the succeeding bullets too. When it comes to order of importance, make sure the put the most striking aspect of your training in the first bullet point.

At the end of each training, highlight in bold the certificate you’ve earned. Do not forget to include the date and the organization where the certification came from.

D. Summary of Qualifications and Accomplishments

Recommended Format:

– Helped streamline the process of software installation in a network or computers from 18 to 7
– Initiated basic computer training program for senior citizens living in [name of community].
-upgraded 250 users from Windows XP to Windows 7.

Tip: Your achievements are different from your training. Again if you’re just starting out this section should cover what you might have attained while in school or while in training and should reflect how it is valuable to the organization.

E. Your Professional Experience and Skills

List previous companies you have worked for. Job title and how long you were employed with them. In order of priority, list your job duties and responsibilities. If you’re just starting out list the skills you have in relation to being a Computer Technician (ex. Computer Consultation: Repaired and built PC’s for customers, these could even be family members).

Any sort of technical skills for the most part. List those that are important and categorize them into bullets. If you feel it important to include some other skills that you think are relevant to your job performance later on, be prepared to justify it or to establish its relevance to being a Computer Technician. Examples are communication skills, management skills, and the like.

F. Your Education

Recommended Format:

– Name of school
– Degree/Certification earned
– Date earned
– Academic merits earned or significant coursework (if any)

Tip: Do not underestimate the power of education. Note that you do not have to earn a Bachelor’s degree in computer but remember that some employers include that in their requirements.

G. Your Character References

Recommended Format:

– Name of person, Job Title
– Company or Organization
– Company or Organization Address
– Contact details (mobile and telephone numbers)

Tip: It is usually treated as a separate component from the resume but your character references serves as your strongest support for employment. List credible people with whom you have established professional relationships with. So yes, your part-time employer will be a good entry but your parents are not.

Finally, all throughout the computer technician resume do not forget to use verbs and adjectives. These are words that entail action and description, and both help in animating your resume. Use white space and do not cramp text in a single page. For beginners, a two or three page resume (including character references) is acceptable. Also, do not forget to prepare a cover letter in order to “sell” yourself and make employers take notice of you.

Example of Computer Technician Resume:

John Smith
1234 Street, Somewhere
(123) 456-7890


To obtain a position in a reputable company like Company Inc. as a Computer Technician. Responsible for providing administration, implementation and support of the Desktop and Telecommunications infrastructure including support services of the Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 desktops as well as the software applications and hardware. Given the opportunity I can contribute and prove to be a valuable asset in supporting and the growth of your organizations network & information systems.


CompTIA A+ (Technical School of IT – Sept 2010)
MCITP – Microsoft Certified IT Professional (Technical School of IT – Jan 2011)
ITIL – Information Technology Infrastructure Library (IT Training college – May 2012)
Six Sigma –Green Belt (IT Training college – July 2012)


2 years installing, maintaining, supporting & administering Windows XP/7 Desktops
2 years maintaining, supporting & administering Blackberry & iPhone mobile devices
2 years installing, maintaining, supporting & administering Microsoft Outlook
2 years installing, maintaining, supporting & administering Microsoft Office products
1 year training and knowledge of TCP/IP, DNS, Active Directory
3 years of Technical Support experience, with in-depth knowledge in servicing, troubleshooting, repairing, assembling and upgrading IBM compatible PC’s.
Extensive experience with PC hardware, Mobile Devices and Network Printers
Strong troubleshooting and analytical problem solving skills.
Excellent communication skills and posses the ability to provide a high level of customer service & satisfaction.


Successfully upgraded 1500 users from Windows XP operating system to Windows 7.
Successfully upgraded 1500 users from Microsoft Office 2003 to Microsoft Office 2010
Provided end user training to 100 employees on how to effectively use their Blackberries


Company Inc. Sr. Computer Technician
May 2010 – Present

Provides technical support to the helpdesk and other IT functions including moves/adds/changes at the desktop level
Completes installation of standard desktop / laptop hardware, software, peripherals and printers
Completes documentation as per Systems standards including change control, capacity planning and performance management
Maintains the corporate desktop and laptop infrastructure, including asset management
Provides support and administration to Windows XP/7 Desktop OS, wireless handhelds, Active Directory, and Telephony infrastructure including cellular
Create schedules and work interactively with vendors and end users to successfully roll out projects to the users within a specific time frame
Participate in small projects as required

Company XYZ Computer Technician

Dec 2008 – May 2010

Provides technical helpdesk support to all internal users Desktops, Laptops and mobile devices
Responsible for 1rst, 2nd, & 3rd Level Support
Install, configure and support Windows XP, Microsoft Office products
Imaging and Ghosting desktop and laptop PC’s.
Testing remote VPN access for external users.
Supporting all LAN & local printers.


XYZ College of Information of Technology
CCNA 2.0 – Cisco Certified Network Associate – April 2007

Localville Community College
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Computer Science – May 2006
Theory of computation, Operating Systems, Numerical computation, Compilers
Real-time computing, Distributed system, Computer Networking, Data Communication
Computer graphics, Artificial Intelligence, Multimedia, Human-computer interaction
Information theory, Algorithm design & analysis, Software testing


Jane Doe, IT Manager
Company Inc.
1212 Something Street

Computer Technician Job Description

The title computer technician can also be known as: computer repair technician, computer support technician, PC technician, computer technical support, computer systems technician or technical support technician. A computer technician later on in their career may lead to job titles such as technical analyst, systems administrator, network administrator, systems engineer, IT consultation and so on.

Computertechnician4 The job of computer technicians offers countless opportunities to anyone and creates a strong platform for their future growth in the information technology industry.

People who love analyzing and solving computer problems will find they have an advantage when entering this field because to them it doesn’t feel like work. Although some level of training and classroom education are extremely important, an inner urge (or simply passion) and interest to tinker with and troubleshoot computers is the basic prerequisite to become such a professional.

Computer Technician Job Description:

* Simply put, the job of computer technicians is mainly to troubleshoot and solve the problems hardware or software related to computers issues on laptops, desktops, printers or any piece of computer related peripheral connected to these devices. When computer users encounter operational difficulties in the functioning of their PC’s, they need skilled professionals to identify and solve any underlying issues to restore normalcy.

* While some basic problems can be easily sorted out on our own, (by researching to understand the philosophy behind the functioning of computers), there can be several problems that require an expert’s keen watch.

* A computer technician must be extremely familiar with the operating systems running on a desktop or laptop computer. Whether it be a PC running Windows or a MAC running the Mac OS, one must be able to troubleshoot, install, configure and fully support any one of these operating systems.

* They are charged with the sole responsibility of installing, maintaining and supporting the software on these computer systems. They are expected to be well versed with any software and hardware changes taking place in the market as well as patching and protecting these computers from viruses.

* Computer technicians are respected for their skills and knowledge of the working of computers. They are therefore charged with the responsibility of also training other members of staff on how to utilize the available IT resources as well as end user assistance how to use and perform specific functions on these computers.

* With technology growing in leaps and bounds, the need for enhanced security to protect important information and data has gradually gained centre stage. Computer technicians working in organizations are required to keep track of computer security to ensure that the client organization’s privacy and image is protected. They are expected to be aware of the latest computer security measures available in the market.

* Computer technicians in organizations assist the management in making important IT related decisions such as what to purchase, when to upgrade and what to discard etc.

* A Computer technician in a organization could also be involved in designing and implementation of computer networks within organizations such as LAN, WAN or WiFi Network. This involves running tests before installing and connecting various computers in the networks and setting up diagnostic measures to deal with any hardware or software problems that may emerge as the client utilizes their IT infrastructure.

What basic skills are required for succeeding as a computer technician?

To become an IT technician, there are certain educational qualifications that should be met. This professional usually holds an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in computer science, electrical engineering telecommunications engineering or computer engineering. Along with this, you could acquire further training in a licensed computer training school which will bring you up to speed with the latest trends in the IT industry.

Some top-notch exams that are required for gaining certification as a professional in this field include, CompTIA: Computer Technology Industry Association, A+ Certified Computer Technician certification and Computer Service Technician exam (CST), MCITP: Microsoft Certified IT Professional or MCTS: Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist.

To be promoted to higher positions in this career field, one needs to sustain good working performance and to further their education by taking extra self development courses.

Bottom Line, becoming a Computer Technician may seem like a lot of work up front but with hard work, willingness to learn and knack and passion for troubleshooting the end result can be a very fruitful and rewarding career.

Computer Technician Salary

As a computer technician, you’re primary duties and responsible are to repair and support the computers, software and other hardware peripheral devices that end user would use. Anyone who is interested in becoming computer technician may want to take the following into consideration when entering this industry.

Factors like experience, certifications, college degrees, size of a company and location all play a huge role when determining the salary for a computer technician. Computer technicians are often contracted out on a project to project basis or can be hired as full time employees for specific companies within their IT organization.

Computertechnician5 These computer related career fields are constantly progressing and requires people to fill the needs of these growing companies. Computer technician jobs can be found almost anywhere from entry level to team leads and even mangers. Entry level salaries differ from company to company; the median in 2010 was around $37k annually according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Information technology specialist, an entry level position for Virginia’s state department as an example, can start out at $31k a year and after years of experience, the highest specialist position starts at $69k.

The reports that most computer technicians earn an average of $30,750 at the beginning of their careers. If you are employed on a permanent, full time basis, you qualify for additional benefits such as health insurance and other benefits. With the high career advancement potential in technology (about 8.8 on a scale of 10), you can quickly rise to higher paying positions especially if you are certified and perform well.

Technology is extremely dynamic and even if you are certified when you are first employed, continuous training on the job and further certifications are necessary to keep pace with the changes within the IT industry.

The median for a computer technician salary in 2012 (the average pay for most computer technicians) is about $44,300. Inexperienced technicians just starting out, can earn anywhere between $30,000 and $46,150 in bigger metropolitan cities where they are more in demand. In their mid career years (10-20 years experience), the salaries are between $56,700 and $67,154. On average, technicians with 20 years experience and more earn up to $67,000 annually.

Computer technician that decide to break outside of these salary caps will typically get certifications to show the value of their skills. This puts people into an expert level above their peers and gives them a chance to increase their salaries.

Certain types of certifications can dramatically increase a computer technician’s salary. Microsoft Certified technicians earn about $63,500 for MCSE certification, $61,975 for Microsoft NT certification and $59,024 for Microsoft MCP.

Overall, employment outlook for these careers is positive with strong career growth and has great earning potential. According to Robert Half Technology, the demand for IT professionals has never been higher. Growth in employment is predicted at between 13% and 53%. Presently there are about 565,700 professionals in technology in the US. About 78,000 new jobs are expected to be created within a decade.